Nurse Practitioners of New York

NPNY: Legislative Position Statement

Posted over 6 years ago by Juliette Blount

Nurse Practitioners are essential in addressing the health care needs of New York State Residents. With the influx of healthcare consumers because of the Affordable Care Act and the current health care provider shortages, it is important for policy makers to consider removing  barriers to patient's access to care by Nurse Practitioners. Removing obstacles to Nurse Practitioner practice will ensure the availability of sustainable and affordable care for all New Yorkers. Nurse Practitioners understand the current focus on efficient chronic illness management and navigating patient transitions through care.

Nurse Practitioners of New York (NPNY) support legislative language that allows Nurse Practitioners to continue the provision of proven high quality and cost effective care by minimizing barriers to practice.


Our New York state legislators are currently making critical decisions on the future of Nurse Practitioner practice.  Proposed bills range from simple removal of barriers including removal of the written practice agreement by Senator Montgomery's Bill S2309 to varying levels of transition to practice including Governor Cuomo's Executive Budget Bill (go to pg 387) , Senate Budget (top of page 21) and Assembly Budget (refer towards the end of Part Y) recommendations. The Assembly Budget  includes language similar to Assemblymember Gottfried's Bill A4846.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the actual language embedded in these documents and understand the implications on providing patient care and professional practice.We encourage you to join us by reaching out to your legislators and support NPNY's united goal of removing barriers to Nurse Practitioner practice and increasing access to care for our patients. Your voice counts!


Be on the lookout for more NPNY Advocacy & Policy updates in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Advocacy & Policy Committee at