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Another Barrier to Practice Authority Overcome in New York State

Posted over 2 years ago by Denis Hawkins, FNP-BC

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New York Bill Adding APRNs to the List of Workers' Compensation Providers Is Headed to the Governor's Office for Signature!
The governor’s budget bill, Senate Bill 1505, was passed by both the New York State Assembly and Senate on March 31. It will now head to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. Provisions in this bill make adjustments to New York’s workers' compensation (work comp) statutes to recognize NPs as healthcare providers for patients in the workers' compensation program. This measure removes an outdated barrier to our practice authority and expands patient access to care in New York State.



On March 13, 2019 members of NPNY led by Audrey Hoover and Rachael Lerner met with legislators in the State Capitol to advocate for this legislation.  Proudly our voices were heard!    

This legislation takes effect January 1, 2020. Details pertaining to the specific language can be found on page 16-17 the attached budget memorandum.

Thank you to Audrey, Rachael and all our members who advocated for our profession. Our journey to expand our practice authority continues. I hope all members will consider joining our Advocacy Day in March 2020.  I am proud to be your colleague!

Denis Hawkins, FNP-BC, President Elect-NPNY


Marie-Helene (Mia) Lofland over 1 year ago

Excellent Organization Thank yu for representing us NP's

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