Nurse Practitioners of New York

Covid 19 Executive Orders and State Response

Posted 4 months ago by Yonit Lipkind

Dear NPNY, 

In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued a number of Executive Orders that impact licensed professionals. We would like to ensure our community stays up to date with changes. 

Please visit the office of professions COVID 19 websites for more information:


See up to date license information per state below:


As state law recognizes that care occurs where the patient is located, providing care/prescribing for an individual in NJ, for example, would require the NP to be licensed in NJ and meet all the requirements for NPs in NJ law. The CARES Act and federal waivers do not supersede state licensure laws. 

The Telehealth Resources on AANP’s COVID-19 Policy and Practice Updates page contain links to sites with added details regarding telehealth and the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, the Center for Connected Health Policy has a list of telehealth related actions taken by each state.  For additional state-specific information, we recommend looking at each state’s board of nursing website.

We hope you are safe during these trying times, 

-NPNY leadership