Nurse Practitioners of New York

Call for Primary Care NP Participation in Consult and Referral Card Study

Posted over 6 years ago by Juliette Blount

The AANP Network for Research (AANPNR) is currently conducting a “card study” of consult and referral patterns of NPs practicing in the primary care setting. The card study is a data collection method in which clinicians can record brief information about their encounters on a pocket sized data collection card during usual clinical care. The goal of the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Consultation and Referral Patterns Study (PCNPCRP) is to identify the percentage and type of patients NPs in primary care consult or referral to another health care provider for diagnosis or treatment. Participation in the card study involves recording only de-identified patient visit data specific to consults and referrals and summary data of patients during a 3 week data collection period. Contact Mary Jo Goolsby for additional questions about the study by email at or (512) 276-5903. To register for the study submit the contact information form online at

Source: AANP E-Bulletin