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Nominations needed for " The Ruddy Van-Slyke NP of Distinction Award"

Posted 8 months ago by Yonit Lipkind

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Dear NPNY members, 

This time of year, Nurse Practitioners of New York would like to grant a Nurse Practitioner with The Ruddy Van-Slyke NP of Distinction Award.

The award honors an NPNY member who distinguishes him or herself by furthering the Nurse Practitioner role either in legislative efforts, clinical care, research or education. 

Criteria for Candidates

  • A current NPNY Nurse Practitioner member. 
  • One who demonstrated excellence in the areas of legislative efforts, research, clinical care or education.
  • An individual who will continually strive to unite, empower, and promote the role of Nurse Practitioners.


Submissions will be reviewed by the leadership members of NPNY. 

The award recipient will be determined by leadership members of NPNY via majority vote.

Required items:

                Description in support of nomination 250-500 words
                Nominee’s current curriculum vitae


Email completed form (see attachment in this email) and curriculum vitae or any additional questions to      

The Deadline for application is February 28, 2021.

Thank you for your participation in honoring one of our members. 

-NPNY Leadership