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To each NPNY Member,

I wrote much of this email prior to the Texas mass shooting and would be remiss with no acknowledgement. I, like many of you, are devastated by the tragic Texas mass shooting in an elementary school this week. Dropping my children off at pre-school and elementary school was emotional. I'm reckoning with the challenge of optimizing healthcare and wellbeing when basic public health measures, like gun control and wearing masks are not supported by much of our US Government- specifically the US Senate. We know gun control laws decrease deaths and injuries.  The New Zealand government after the 2019 shooting implemented gun control within 72 hours of the incident. Imagine an America where the reasonable overcame the urge for power and money. There is no time like the present to act.
Vote. Call your government representatives. Donate to a non-profit cause you believe in. Every action counts. I am so very proud and empowered by my NPNY colleagues advocacy efforts in Albany over the years-- in person and recently virtually-- on safer gun measures (NY SAFE Act), increased infection control, equitable health care and vaccine access. 
Today, we grieve. Pause. And when one is ready, we act. 
Below are some important announcements. Keep reading.
Hug your loved ones, and love your hugged ones.
Rachael Lerner, WHNP-BC
President, NPNY
*please note message above is sole opinion of writer and may not be the general opinion of NPNY leadership and members*
2- It's that time of year... The NPNY Leadership slate is now available for voting. Please complete the ballot to select the Leadership slate for the 2022-2023 by WEDNESDAY JUNE 8th. 
*if link doesnt open, please copy and paste into your browser*
The following slate was generated from NPNY members in good standing, who are aware of NPNY Leadership expectations. These individuals have agreed to abide by NPNY Bylaws and have volunteered to serve our organization. Please complete the ballot. Results will be announced at the June Annual meeting on June 9th and posted for members only on
NPNY Volunteer Opportunities
There is no deed to small-- Secretary position remains open.  Interested in Social Media or Publicity? Graphic Design? Advocacy & Healthcare Policy?  Coordinating Events and Speakers, Resources for Healthcare workers, Membership Outreach, Student Volunteers?   
Please reach out to current NPNY President Rachael Lerner to further discuss.  
3-  Upcoming Annual Membership and Board Meeting June 9th 7p-9:30pm
Register  on NPNY ENP website
It is an exciting opportunity to hear NPNY Organization Updates, Connect with colleagues and here about initiatives and volunteer opportunities in our organization.
4- VOTE! NYS Primaries are Tuesday June 28th. NJ Primaries are June 7th. Check NY Redistricting and familiarize yourself with the candidates. Register to vote, look up deadlines, and candidates in any state on Vote411 
Take care of yourself and loved ones. As always, please reach out to with any questions or to learn about volunteer opportunities and resources.
1- President's Message
2- Vote for NPNY Leadership 
3- Upcoming Annual Membership and Board Meeting June 9th 7p-9:30pm
4-Advocacy Resources (Voter Registration, Organizations to support for Reproductive Rights and Gun Control Legislation)
The Board of Nurse Practitioners of New York (NPNY)
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
― Margaret Mead

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